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DEZ LLP is one of the largest flour production enterprises. The history of the company begins in 2002 when the production volume was 60 tons per day. For all this time, the Company's specialists have been uninterruptedly supplying high-quality products to our consumers. In 2007, the Company was equipped with new Turkish equipment and the production volume increased to 340 tons per day.

We purchase grain of the best varieties which undergo through all the stages of technological processing ensuring the production of the excellent quality flour. In addition, DEZ LLP grows wheat on the territory of 5000 hectares.

Our equipment meets all international standards. We have a modern equipped laboratory, where the flour quality is strictly controlled.

Spacious warehouses ensure proper storage of flour in large volumes.

The range of our products includes flour of the highest and first grades packed in 2 kg paper bags and 5, 10, 25 and 50 kg PP woven bags. Apart from flour, we sell bran, grain waste and other mixed feeds.

We sell our flour in Petropavlovsk, in our region and outside the Republic. The main exporting countries for our products are Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. By-products such as wheat bran are also sold locally and for export.

Currently, the Company includes a mill complex of Konya, Turkey, equipped with modern technological equipment OR-TAS, which is a one-hundred-percent investment project. Over 90 employees have been working in our Company for many years.

DEZ LLP is actively engaged in public activities: it regularly helps the Center for Disabled Children, the City Society of WWII veterans, and provides charitable assistance to the mosque and the city Development Fund.

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